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11+ Tuition and Secondary School Entrance Exams

I have tutored for the 11 plus over an 18 year period. During that time, the success rate of pupils getting into the private school of their choice has been very high. My years of teaching Year 5 in an independent prep school have also focused on preparing children to take exams for both grammar and independent secondary schools. I cover all aspects of the 11 plus, using practice papers from different schools and exam boards.
My years of teaching Year 5 for 11+ exams have given me excellent skills in these areas:

Verbal reasoning
Non-verbal reasoning (spatial awareness)
CLOZE (passages with words missing)
Covering the Year 5 and 6 maths curriculum
Comprehension (including challenging texts)
Practice papers from a variety of exam boards
Practice papers from independent schools
Developing writing skills for exam tasks
Interview and speaking confidence


Preparing for 11 plus maths exams is not only about being able to use techniques, but is also about how the students apply these skills to a variety of problems. Questions are often 'word problems', requiring skills involved in understanding what is required. In tuition sessions, we will investigate these sorts of questions, as well as firming up basic maths skills.


I will be encouraging reading as a great way to improve comprehension. We will look at a variety of texts, including fiction, poetry and non-fiction. Questions can be broken down into four types. Retrieval is the most basic, involving finding the information required in the text. Inference involves using clues from the text to deduce information. Vocabulary questions ask about word meanings, and evaluative questions bring understanding and the child's own ideas together. We will look at when to use evidence from the text, and when to use quotes.

Creative Writing

Different schools and exams boards require different types of written tasks. Once I find out which schools you are applying for, I can cater for the type of writing required. Some schools, for example, have two short written tasks, while others ask you to complete a story. Whichever it is, I will help your child develop their writing skills, follow instructions carefully and increase their vocabulary. When needed, we will look at grammar, punctuation and spelling.
I cover all of the subject areas involved in secondary school entrance, whether that be grammar or independent. We will look at all types of questions in each area, and help your child to understand and know how to give the best answers.
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Our daughter secured a place at Forest School, after nine months of tutoring with Natalie.
We employed Natalie to tutor our 11 year old daughter to help her prepare for entrance exams to secondary school. It became noticeable around July that Caitlin’s work had progressed to such an extent that she was top of the class in all subjects. Natalie always arrived promptly and more importantly created an atmosphere that allowed our daughter to not only learn but enjoy learning. As a result of Natalie’s help my daughter passed all her exams and was offered places at three separate independent schools. We were so pleased with the outcome that we employed Natalie to tutor our younger daughter.

Contact me for more information or to start tuition. Tel. 07976 552 705