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"Natalie has been teaching me for 8 months now and I have improved my maths so much. I also get better results now and have also gained more confidence in maths as I used to worry a lot. Natalie is really friendly and makes learning fun and I would definitely recommend her."
Holly W. aged 11
"We employed Natalie to tutor our 11 year old daughter to help her prepare for entrance exams to secondary school. It became noticeable around July that Caitlin’s work had progressed to such an extent that she was top of the class in all subjects. Natalie always arrived promptly and more importantly created an atmosphere that allowed our daughter to not only learn but enjoy learning. As a result of Natalie’s help my daughter passed all her exams and was offered places at three separate independent schools. We were so pleased with the outcome that we employed Natalie to tutor our younger daughter."
Mr R., Beckton
"Thank you Natalie for helping me improve in my confidence and my learning abilities. You got me through the SAT with your helpful tips and helping me remember my times tables."
Rhys. aged 11
“Our 8 year old son was really struggling reading. Natalie’s approach has been very beneficial and he now reads with enjoyment and confidence.”
Ms S., Woodford
“Only 10 months ago our 10 year old daughter could not read. But Natalie's highly professional approach, together with her gentleness and ability to tap into child's hidden resources, made all the difference. She reads well now and developed a passion for writing her own stories.”
Mrs A. G., Walthamstow
"Natalie began to teach our son S in July last year. S had been in special needs classes for his spelling for 18 months, but unfortunately all his work was suffering. Natalie gave S his confidence back and his self belief that he could succeed. S stopped special needs in September, his teacher is so very happy with the work he is producing."
Mrs H., Romford
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“Our daughter secured a place at Forest School, after nine months of tutoring with Natalie. We were very pleased."
Mr D., Wanstead
"Natalie was recommended to me by a friend and started to come once a week just over a year ago. My son was struggling in a school in special measures and at that time was not getting the correct teaching he needed. He was generally a shy child who lacked confidence but we knew he was capable of much more. Although reluctant to have a tutor, within a couple of lessons he was laughing and engaging with Natalie. She has really provided him with a new `can do’ attitude and he has managed to deal with the SATs tests without any of the problems we envisaged. I would happily recommend Natalie for anyone thinking of having a tutor, it was the best thing we could have done for our child and feel he is now better prepared for secondary school.”
J.P Hornchurch
"Natalie Gilbert has been teaching our eight-year-old son superbly for the past ten months. She is always full of new ideas, and knows just how to engage a child’s attention and make learning fun. Her approach has exactly the right combination of flexibility and structure – J has made really good progress, and very much enjoys being taught by her."
Ms C., East London

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