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Dyslexia Support and Tuition For Struggling Readers

Are your child’s classmates steaming ahead with their reading skills and tackling children’s novels, while your child just can’t seem to get the hang of reading fluently? Perhaps he or she is stumbling on many words as they try to tackle a page of text. Even though your child may be doing well in many areas, their problems with reading could be holding them back and their self-confidence may be affected.
Does your child in Key Stage 2 (Years 3,4,5 or 6) have any of the following issues:

Struggling to read?
Guessing words when reading?
Suffering with low self esteem
Lacking motivation with regard to reading?
Embarrassed to read in front of classmates?
Feels reading is a chore they would rather avoid?
Behind their peers with spelling?
Diagnosed with dyslexia?

Sound Reading System (SRS)

The Sound Reading System (SRS) provides a framework for learning to read. I have been trained in this method. I use this system for the tuition, coupled with the wisdom I have gained with over 18 years teaching and private home tutoring. First I assess the child to find out how they approach reading. It is often the case that they fail to use any strategies, but guess unknown words. It can be the case that they have received extra help at school, but it has made little or no difference.
~ Sound Reading System is a carefully constructed ‘synthetic phonic’ reading programme that teaches children how to read the complex English spelling code in simple, logical steps.
Whether your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia or not, struggling with learning to read is something that can be helped. With the right kind of expert tuition, there is every reason to believe your child can become a competent reader.
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I have successfully tutored children who, to begin with, were not able to keep up with their classmates when it came to reading. With one hour a week home tuition lessons, I have turned this around, so that the children became fluent, confident, happy readers. Their spelling improved too. It is lovely to see such a change and to see a happier child, keen to pick up books and enjoy both fiction and non-fiction.
Only 10 months ago our 10 year old daughter could not read. But Natalie's highly professional approach, together with her gentleness and ability to tap into child's hidden resources, made all the difference. She reads well now and developed a passion for writing her own stories.

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